No Matter How Hard We Tried

Masłowska poster Ljubljana - Pri Nas je Vse vredu

.. is one translation I’ve found for Polish writer Dorota Masłowska‘s play, Między nami dobrze jest. I’ve also seen it called All is Right Between Us and We’re All Good. In Slovenia, where it will have its debut on November 7 at the Slovenian National Theatre, it will be entitled, Pri nas je vse v redu. The play’s poster, above, is my debut into the world of larger-than-life photo illustration. It was a rush seeing it on the street this afternoon.

I can’t take credit for the High-Heeled Shoe in Croatian Spam concept; that idea belonged to my friend Danijela Grgic, who designed the poster. I will however take full credit for attracting the fly.

I didn’t know anything about Masłowska before I found out about this play, I haven’t had time to read it and was only told a few bits and pieces – that’s it’s an absurdist, comedic farce of a tale of a store cashier, her metalhead daughter and her wheelchair-bound mother. About the play in Masłowska’s own words in an interview with the daily Dziennik:

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