Piran Café’s Daily Travel Pics For The Week Of February 15, 2016

Did you miss any Pics du Jour from my blog Piran Café the past week?

If so, you can catch up with them all right here: a week we truly spanned the globe: Sapa, Vietnam, Bogota, Slovenia, Rome, Venice, Cannon Beach, Oregon, and the Arabian Desert of southern Qatar.

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By the way, the daily pic project reached 779 consecutive days today. Yup, I totally rock, don’t I? 🙂  Enjoy and as always feel free to share!

Monday, February 15 – Mannequin Monday #88

The series is approaching an improbable 90th week. The latest edition to the planet’s largest repository of blighted mannequins? Spotted near the center of Bogota, Colombia’s historical La Candelaria district, the only mannequin I came across that day with a severely dislocated shoulder.

Tuesday, February 16 – Seamstress and Clothes Vendor, Sapa, Vietnam

A portrait of a woman who sold me clothes I’ll never wear.

Wednesday, February 17 – Slovenia Day Trips: Hiking to Grmada and St. Jakob Hills

Above the clouds, just 30 minutes from Ljubljana. From a post about two popular hikes near the Slovenian capital.

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On the Sale of Corbis and Demotix to VGC: Brief Update About Photo Availability

On January 22, Corbis announced the sale of Corbis Images and the Demotix brand and content to Visual China Group (VGC), which through a new distribution partnership will in turn hand the collections over to Getty Images.

Contributors to Demotix and Corbis were informed of the sale in a brief email on January 28, which further informed:

Currently the Demotix website is redirecting visitors to Corbisimages.com. VCG will communicate next steps with Demotix contributors as soon as possible.

I haven’t heard anything since — not about the sale, not about the status of the images, and not about the outstanding balance owed to me by Demotix.

Will my images now be part of Getty’s catalog? I hope not because I didn’t sign up for that. I never wanted to be part of Getty’s catalog.

In any case the redirect makes it impossible for me to access my own images filed for Demotix, so I can’t fix any of the nearly-dead links that have resulted from galleries here and on my blog Piran Cafe. My apologies for that, but it’s a situation that’s entirely out of my control.

Those that were made available via Corbis can still be accessed. For now my catalog remains here.

If you’re interested in purchasing rights to any of those images, please feel free to get in touch with me directly.

I’ll update accordingly when we’re informed. But I won’t be holding my breath in the meantime.


Marriage Equality Supporters Gather in Ljubljana on Eve of Historic Referendum

Cross-posted from my blog, Piran Cafe

Here are a dozen shots from today’s rally of same-sex marriage and equal rights supporters in Ljubljana ahead of Sunday’s referendum in Slovenia that could overturn a marriage equality law approved by parliament last spring.

If the “za”, or “yes” campaign triumphs, Slovenia will become the first Central European and post-Communist nation to enact full marriage equality. There has been, predictably, a massive scare campaign, based mostly on outright lies and hysteria, waged by opposition groups to prevent Slovenia from making that step forward. (Aljaz Pengov Bitenc aka Pengovsky has listed a number of anti-equality faction’s fallacious and discredited arguments here.)

Slovenian parliament passed a law in March that legally recognized same-sex marriage, granting same-sex couples the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples.

However, a conservative group who call themselves ‘Za Otroke gre’ (rough translation ‘Children are at stake’) temporarily blocked the law, collected enough signatures to bring the motion to a referendum and appealed to the Constitutional Court.

Supporters of the law say that Slovenian referendum legislation doesn’t allow for human rights issues in general and those on the rights of a minority in particular, to be decided by popular vote. But in a widely criticized 5-4 decision, the Constitutional Court essentially disagreed, arguing that gay rights cannot necessarily be considered human rights, at least not until the court considers the question. That paved the way to Sunday’s referendum.

Eleven images below. For editorial use, please check out the images filed for Corbis and Demotix or get in touch.

MEP Angelika Mlinar in LjubljanaEuropean Parliament member Angelika Mlinar speaks to a rally of marriage equality supporters in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana ahead of a referendum which could overturn a marriage equality law.

MEP Tanja Fajon in LjubljanaEuropean Parliament member Tanja Fajon addresses a crowd at a rally of gay marriage supporters ahead of a referendum in Slovenia that will decide the fate of a marriage equality law.

Actress Ana Dolinar in Ljubljana, SloveniaSlovenian actress Ana Dolinar speaks to a crowd of marriage equality supporters in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

Marriage equality supporters in LjubljanaSupporters of marriage equality in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana gather below a statue of the country’s national poet France Preseren during a rally ahead of a referendum that could reverse a marriage equality law.

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2,000+ March in Ljubljana to Protest Rising Racism, Nationalism and Militarism in Europe – 7 Images


Cross-posted from my blog, Piran Cafe

Here are a few images from a demonstration and march today in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana to protest the growing militarism, nationalism and racism in Europe in the wake of last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris and the rising anti-refugee sentiment across the continent.

More than 2,000 people turned out for the event organized by a coalition of civil society organizations, movements and community groups to call for military de-escalation and a Europe without borders and wire fences.

The rally began at the central Congress Square, followed by a march which circled much of the city center, winding past several government buildings including parliament. You can read the event’s manifesto on its Facebook page here.

Six more images are below. For editorial use, please check out the images filed for Corbis and Demotix or get in touch.

European anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 2Protesters carry a sign that reads “Against war, racism, nationalism and authoritarianism – We’re not going into your wars – for peace and a different Europe” at a demonstration to protest the growing nationalism, militarism and racism in Europe.

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Shooting the Streets: Quito and Bogota – 2016 Street Photography Calendar

Atahualpa on a Bus, Quito, March 2015Atahualpa on a Bus – Quito March 2015

Cross-posted from my blog, Piran Cafe

A couple days ago, a blog reader contacted me requesting a 2016 calendar made up of some of my street photography images. I was absolutely delighted to read that message and am equally as delighted to oblige. Here’s the result: “Shooting the Streets: Quito and Bogota“, now available in my Red Bubble shop.

The 13 images were all shot in Quito, Ecuador, and Bogota, Colombia during my six-month stint in South America earlier this year; they’re not necessarily my 13 favorites from the past year, but they are on the short list of my most personally memorable horizontal shots. The lone vertical exception is the cover shot, “Atahualpa on a Bus,” above. If you’ve visited here regularly over the past year –and again my sincerest thanks!– you’ve probably seen versions of most if not all of the images. All those selected for the calendar are below; I’ve included links to their respective posts when available, for some backstory to the shots.

These also represent about a third of the images that will be included in a photo exhibit in the early part of next year, and possibly in a smaller self-published book project too. If you’ve got a minute, please check it out — I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

Homeless man poses for a photo in Bogota's Bolivar Plaza“I’m a beautiful man.” – Bogota, 13 June 2015
Still Life With a Dozen Dolls, Toquinho, and Mick Jagger’s Primitive Cool - BogotaStill Life With a Dozen Dolls, Toquinho, and Mick Jagger’s ‘Primitive Cool’ – Bogota, 14 August 2015

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2015 People’s Climate March in Ljubljana – 13 Images


Cross-posted from my blog, Piran Cafe

About 300 climate change activists gathered here in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana today, joining hundreds of thousands of protesters who are taking to the streets in more than 2,000 demonstrations around the world this weekend to demand action when global leaders converge in Paris for the UN Climate Change summit COP 21 which begins on Monday. [Here are links to live global coverage of the demonstrations via the BBC and The Guardian, and the Twitter hashtag #ClimateMarch. ]

The Ljubljana event was organized by the Slovenian foundation for sustainable development Umanotera, Greenpeace Slovenia and other community groups, and featured a variety of speakers including Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Janković, Ljubljana Auxiliary Bishop Msgr. Dr. Franc Šuštar as well as other activists, scholars and academics.

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Elite Athlete Images From the 2015 Beirut Marathon

Jackson Limo winning the 2015 Beirut Marathon

Jackson Limo winning the 2015 Beirut Marathon

BEIRUT, LEBANON — This is Jackson Limo of Kenya who won today’s Banque du Liban Beirut Marathon in a time of 2 hours 11 minutes and four seconds, breaking the course record by nine seconds. Below is Hussein Awada, the first Lebanese to cross the line. He finished eighth overall.

Hussein Awada of Lebanon at the 2015 Beirut Marathon

Hussein Awada of Lebanon at the 2015 Beirut Marathon


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Slovenian Activists Publicize Anti-Migrant Hate Speech Facebook Posts

From a Facebook post: “On trains. Freight trains heading towards Dachau.”

Just days after activists in Slovenia began collecting anti-migrant hate speech posts found on Facebook for a shaming website, posters allegedly identifying the individuals, and linking them to their remarks, began to appear in the capital Ljubljana.

Vile text from posts and comments suggesting the heinous ways in which the tens of thousands of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants now passing through Slovenia should be slaughtered appeared next to images of the individuals who shared them, in most cases snapshots of the proverbial ‘guy or gal next door’.

It was an action that left me uncomfortable on two extreme levels: on the one hand it had a smell of vigilantism and mob rule that always rubs me the wrong way; and on the other, it clearly illustrated the confidence and comfort with which “everyday” people now openly share and support what is ostensibly modern day Nazi era rhetoric. (For the record, the latter bothers me much more than the former in this case, but that doesn’t mean one concern necessarily outweighs the other.)

The site has since removed most of the images (after asking those portrayed to make public apologies), its editors deciding to cease with the updates. It attracted a fair bit of local media attention and did stimulate some meaningful debate.

A little more on my blog here and a brief follow-up here.

Images for editorial use available via Corbis and Demotix. – or get in touch.